Automated Systems Optimisation

This is the Supply Change.™

Releasing capacity while decreasing downtime. 

The opportunity

It’s both a simple truth and a harsh reality. Your significant investment in automated equipment can be put at risk when platforms (e.g. pallets, RPCs and containers) and your automated systems are not calibrated.

The Automated Systems Optimisation solution from CHEP— the company that knows how platforms work with automated equipment—helps you get the most out of all your equipment and the most out of your entire supply chain.

It’s a simple, effective way to gain capacity from your network without adding actual capacity.

It’s how you make sure that all your robotics and automated equipment are running in harmony with your platforms, no matter what they are.

It leads to more uptime and less downtime.

It leads to more capacity, greater efficiency, more throughput, higher productivity. Along with the potential for reduced product damage.

Best yet, Automated Systems Optimisation helps you both proactively and reactively. It allows you to fix any issues you may have, and it helps to prevent problems from happening in the first place. 

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What we do

Jams can happen when equipment was designed without input regarding platform specifications, or when a new platform is introduced into your system. Sometimes platforms are within specification, but fail at critical interaction points.

CHEP’s Automated Systems Optimisation solution helps you as you seek to optimise your supply chain within your warehouse and distribution processes. We will work with you to help integrate platforms as well as possible with your automated equipment.

If you’re currently suffering from downtime, we’ll quickly determine what’s creating that downtime. If you’re installing new equipment, we’ll work with the equipment supplier, systems integrator and contractor to build in tolerances ahead of time.

Our process-engineering experts quickly identify areas of opportunity for cost savings. Leveraging their extensive industry expertise, they’ll provide technical support and work with you to optimise your automated equipment and processes used throughout your supply chain.

In short, we’ll work with you to identify the simplest and most cost-effective engineering solutions that will improve your operational effectiveness. We’ll provide you with the technical support and know-how you need to improve both your throughput and your productivity, or cost per unit. 

We can optimise any kind of automated equipment from virtually any manufacturer.

Improving your automated systems.

How we'll work together

CHEP teams have been inside and studied hundreds of facilities, giving us insightful experience. Our time-tested, “roll up our sleeves” process includes four simple steps: 

Continuous Improvement:

Our process improvement engineers can help your company make sure that your systems are working in the most productive way. They are a unique team of experienced professionals with proven expertise in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution systems. Each service they perform follows a systematic project methodology to provide cost-effective, practical solutions to suit your specific needs. Six Sigma resources are available when needed. 
Global Good: Through Automated Systems Optimisation, we work with our customers to create safer work environments and more efficient systems. It’s all part of our Better Planet initiative, as we work to minimise the impact of the supply chain on the environment. 

How you'll benefit

Regardless of the pallet type or specification, Automated Systems Optimisation with CHEP will help you:

+  Experience operating equipment efficiencies

+  See improved throughput through racking and distribution efficiency

+  Reduce warehouse downtime

+  Understand how all platforms work within your systems

+ Work closely with automated systems providers to facilitate the design of new systems for a single facility or your entire network

+ Analyse your supply chain from the moment platforms enter your facility until they leave your facility

+ Work with equipment suppliers to help make sure their equipment works best with your platforms 


CHEP has the broad experience in optimising automated systems and improving uptime in facilities around the world. Our process engineers have learned how many types of automated equipment work best with a wide range of platforms. We look forward to working with you. 

Real-world ROI from Automated Systems Optimisation.