Global leader in supply chain solutions

This is the Supply Change.™

Global leader in supply chain solutions

From its origins in 1946, CHEP has played a crucial role as a global supply chain solutions partner, allowing retailers, manufacturers and transporters to move and handle goods cost-effectively and sustainably across New Zealand, Australia and around the world.

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We have a wide range of industry platforms and solutions – more than 300 million shared and reused by growers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers, worldwide. Through these, CHEP enables your supply chain to meet your profitability and sustainability goals, without having to compromise one for the other. While we are improving your bottom line, we also reduce your impact on the environment; your carbon footprint, your consumption of natural resources, and your waste sent to landfills.

We’ve been at the heart of more supply chains.

Powered by more than 1,000 local employees across New Zealand and Australia, and over 13,000 across 60+ countries, few companies can impact as many components of your supply chain as we can. We move more goods, work inside more facilities, integrate more transportation, touch more equipment and fulfil more store environments than anyone in the world.

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